Virtual Clinic
Virtual patient platform – Artificial Intelligence employed in the simulation of medical examination, diagnostics and treatment planning

About the application

The Virtual Clinic is a safe environment for medical students and doctors who wish to improve their professional qualifications:

  • It fills the gap in access of students to patients, especially specific clinical cases.
  • It puts emphasis on practical training: increases the quality, attractiveness and efficiency of the teaching process. It offers interactive approach to teaching medicine, case-based learning and evidence-based problem solving.
  • The application was enlisted in the Innovation Register by the Polish Ministry of Health.

The system is aimed at the following users:

  • Medical universities, lecturers and students,
  • Young doctors preparing for the exams,
  • family doctors who want to expand their knowledge and skills in the diagnosis and therapy of diseases.

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Spoken language

Conversation in a natural language

Collecting a medical history is an art.

A virtual patient comes to the Clinic with a history of symptoms and previous treatment. Users take in the patient and engage in simulated medical examination. From start to finish, users make their own decisions, which allows them to think creatively and reflect the realism of the simulation. In the process users are not limited to a predefined scenario. They may ask any question and will always get a sensible answer. The lack of a pre-defined scenario is one of major distinguishing features of our AI-based system.

Tests and examinations

Physical examination

A key to a proper patient assessment.

VC offers reliable and comprehensive physical examination experience:

  • observation
  • percussion / tapping
  • auscultation
  • palpation
  • neurological examination

Photographs, video and audio files are a valuable supplement of physical examinations.


Additional research

Find out if you get required examinations within budget and time constraints.

Virtual Clinic offers a wide range of laboratory tests, diagnostic imaging examinations and specialist consultations.

Thanks to intelligent algorithms, results of laboratory tests are always unique and realistic.

Multimedia which include diagnostic imaging examinations are a valuable supplement to physical examinations.


Assessment of time and cost

Modern didactics focuses on optimization which includes time and cost of diagnostics.

The diagnostic process in the Virtual Clinic is monitored in many aspects. The system evaluates waiting time, costs and the sequence of ordering additional examinations.


Virtual Patient wizard

Intuitive creation of new or modified cases meeting specific didactic requirements. In the Virtual Clinic, users can realistically simulate patients:
  • with internal or surgical problems,
  • with heart or lung diseases or infectious diseases,
  • with cancers at any stage,
  • multi-diseases,
  • women in pregnancy,
  • and other cases
Advanced monitoring

The Virtual Clinic is an ideal tool for creating and managing groups and sharing teaching material:

  • Assigning tasks to teaching groups according to the thematic scope and degree of difficulty,
  • Assessment of students’ skills: communication with patients, accuracy and effectiveness of diagnostics and treatment,
  • Monitoring the progress of groups and students.
Examination module

In the Virtual Clinic you will quickly prepare and conduct an exam that allows checking both theoretical knowledge and practical skills:

  • Assign unique patients to students according to the subject and level of difficulty of the exam,
    evaluate the accuracy of interview and physical examinations, additional tests and treatment,
    verify students’ skills in the following areas: medical documentation, diagnosis and optimal treatment.


Application of AI in interactive, case-based and problem solving teaching of medical examination and treatment planning

Comprehensive laboratory, physical and image tests enhancing user experience in the process of coming to effective diagnosis

Virtual patient wizard which enables easy creation of any medical case within minutes

Monitoring of cost and time of diagnostics for each visit

Integration with information systems: eZdrowie and other systems at medical universities:

24/7 online access to patients

Nauka prawidłowej komunikacji lekarz-pacjent dzięki zastosowaniu
sztucznej inteligencji.

Kreator pozwalający na szybkie tworzenie przypadków medycznych.

Dostęp do pacjentów 24/7 online w chmurze

Monitorowanie czasu i kosztu diagnostyki dla każdego pacjenta

Integracja z systemami informatycznymi uczelni

Rozbudowana baza badań fizykalnych i dodatkowych.

Virtual Clinic in numbers:

Physical examination options
Diagnostic examinations
Independent experts
Creators and reviewers of medical cases built in the Virtual Clinic
We will adjust the layout of the system to your branding and requirements


Medical University of Silesia in Katowice

“The element that distinguishes the Virtual Patient platform from similar solutions is an innovative approach to communication and the ability to" learn "the system based on the analysis of user activity. The innovative elements of the application constitute a new quality for both students and lecturers. "

Warsaw Medical University

"A unique functionality is the simulation of a subjective examination conducted with the use of natural language: the examination imitates the conversation between the diagnostician and the patient, teaches the correct conduct of a medical interview and building questions understandable to the patient."


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