Student-Centered Educational Platform for Institutions Providing Teaching and Training Programs for Healthcare Professionals

About the application

Interactive education following Health Administration and OSCE standards.
Effective medical learning with practical exercises and tests.

Simulation of Clinical Cases

Database of medical tests and exams (LEK, LDEK, PES)

Teaching how to interpret imaging examinations (using multimedia)

Re-use of historical health records

Cases created from past medical data help users gain valuable clinical experience.

Acquire practical skills

Practice communication and empathy skills. Make your own choices. Gain knowledge through practice. Learn from mistakes.

Compliance with OSCE standards

This application facilitates the practice and assessment of skills related to interviewing, clinical decision-making, diagnosis, and treatment planning.

Create Educational Content

Produce and distribute educational materials with ease: virtual patient scenarios, tests, and multimedia-assisted assessments focused on interpreting test results.

Exam platform

The Virtual Clinic enables conducting OSCE exams for multiple people at once. Organizers can monitor results, establish grading standards, and examine participant statistics.

Research and Development

The solution has been listed in the innovation register by the Innovation Department of the Polish Ministry of Health. The project received funding from the National Center for Research and Development.


Medical interview

Collecting medical information is an art.

The virtual patient arrives with a history of symptoms and previous treatments. Users can ask different questions and order any tests, they identify risk factors and main problems.

What differentiates our product is that users are not facing predefined scripts. Throughout the simulation users make all decisions which enhances the realism of the simulation.

Physical examination

This is the key to proper patient assessment.

Users can conduct thorough physical exams, including:

  • inspection
  • precussion
  • auscultation
  • palpation
  • neurological examination
  • ophtalmic examination

Multimedia materials (pictures and sounds) are a valuable part of physical examinations

Additional tests

Possibility to order any tests for the patient.

Users can request any tests from a wide range of laboratory, imaging, and specialist tests or consultations.

Thanks to a smart algorithm, results of laboratory tests are adjusted to cases and don’t repeat in subsequent training sessions.

In most cases the program shows test results to users in a visual format (multimedia) .

Cost and time assessment

Modern teaching focuses on efficiency and presents the real costs of diagnostics.

The system evaluates factors such as waiting time, expenses, and the sequence of ordered tests.

Patient creator

The creator makes it easy to generate new medical cases or adapt existing ones to align with specific teaching objectives.

Various types of patients can be simulated, including those with internal or surgical issues, heart, lung, or infectious diseases, any stage of cancer, multiple medical conditions, pregnant patients, and more.

Database of questions and exams

Work on solving tests that include questions from recognized medical exams such as LEK*, LDEK*, PES*, and others.

Tailor your learning experience by selecting the exam type, specialization, and difficulty level.

If you need assistance, utilize provided support to steer towards correct answers. Keep an eye on results and educational progress.

Interpretation of imaging tests

Create a description of diagnostic test results using a dedicated wizard. Compare your interpretation with an expert-made pattern.

Database of available diagnostic test results is regularly expanded to provide diverse educational materials.

Tracking student progress

Wirtualna Klinika to idealne narzędzie do zarządzania materiałem dydaktycznym i pracą grupową:

  • przydziela zadania do grup dydaktycznych według zakresu tematycznego i stopnia trudności,
  • ocenia umiejętności studenta: prawidłową komunikację z pacjentem, dokładność badania i efektywność diagnostyki,
  • monitoruje postępy grupy dydaktycznej i indywidualnego studenta.

Examination module

W Wirtualnej Klinice szybko przygotujesz i przeprowadzisz egzamin z wiedzy i umiejętności praktycznych:

  • przydziel studentom niepowtarzalnych pacjentów zgodnie z tematem i stopniem trudności egzaminu,
  • oceń rzetelność przeprowadzonego wywiadu i badania fizykalnego, adekwotność zleconych badań dodatkowych,
  • zweryfikuj umiejętności studentów w zakresie: przygotowania dokumentacji medycznej, wnioskowania względem diagnozy i optymalnego leczenia.

Key features

artificial intelligence

of medical cases

24/7 access on computers
and mobile devices

Testing and exam

with existing IT systems

Re-use of
clinical data

Virtual Clinic by the numbers:

The core of the Virtual Clinic platform is an advanced knowledge database that defines sets of characteristic features and parameters, enabling the algorithm to accurately describe any medical condition.

subjective examination features
additional examination features
physical Examinations features
question and answer types

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The Silesian Medical University in Katowice

“The Virtual Patient platform stands out because it uses an innovative approach to communication. The tool learns from users’ activity. The innovative features of the application provide a higher quality of medical education for both students and instructors.”

Warsaw Medical University

“The tool uses a language simulator to teach doctors how to efficiently communicate with patients. Students learn to ask easy to understand questions and are encouraged to express empathy.”


Innovator of Mazovia, 1st place in the innovative company category

University of Warsaw, Finalist in the Innovation/Innovator of the Year category